Scaffolding Sales
& Services


Professionally trained Erection & Dismantling (E&D) crews perform the complete installation including delivery, erection, progressive changes add-ons and dismantling upon completion of the job considering safe aspects and precaution. Scaffold Inspection Reports are performed upon completion of the work to verify compliance with project specifications as well as British standard (BS 1139 & EN 12810). Therefore, our scaffolds have been preferred by various sectors from onshore and offshore applicators to general contractors.

Product Quality
We check carefully all the scaffold components for cracks, alignment, straightness and pin hole blockage before we deliver them to your work site. This is to ensure that they are safe for use and your scaffolding installation work can be smoothly executed as planned.

Reliable and Competent
ARULA GROUP is a registered scaffolding company with the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (CIDB) and our licensed scaffolders are registered with Department of Safety and Health (DOSH). We are extensively trained on the job and are fully competent in carrying out all kinds of scaffold erection & dismantling works safely.



We have a group of dedicated and experience personnel providing mechanical and maintenance services includes:

  • Pump – overhauling and new installation works.
  • Piping – fabrication and erection works.
  • Structural reinforcement, modification and refurbishment work – for new mechanical equipment installations (i.e. cranes, pumps, etc.).
  • Valve Replacement and refurbishment works 450 – 2000 mm diameter.
  • Vessel cleaning and refurbishment.

ARULA GROUP also provide design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair to all aspects of marine offshore onshore construction industry as outlined below :

  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC).
  • Marine refrigeration, freezer and cold-stores.
  • All kind of duct-work, cladding and insulation.
  • All marine engineering, mechanical, electrical work.
  • Duct-work cleaning.
  • Steel work and plating.
  • Pipe-work including insulation and flushing.
  • Marine architectural, construction and carpentry

ARULA GROUP lead by a highly qualified group, professionals and skilled labour force and we are proud of our well established engineering capabilities to match the best quality and reliability to our clients.



ARULA GROUP lead by a highly qualified group, professionals and skilled labour force and we are proud of our well established engineering capabilities to match the best quality and reliability to our clients.

ARULA GROUP takes pride of its extensive and diverse experience in supplying the manpower requirements for the Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and others. Our primary activities are to bring to our customers a comprehensive range of manpower recruiting service by collaborating and placing skilled, semi-skilled and general workers local and foreign workers in a wide spectrum of businesses for prospective employers.

Our workers are local Malaysians and foreign workers from Bangladesh to fulfil the needs of our clients throughout Malaysia. We have been making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our clients, and go to great lengths to ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectations of the other. We do so by taking the time to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each of our Clients, and then using proprietary recruitment techniques to pinpoint the most suitable job candidates.

With our years of dedicated experience in the business, back by excellent track record and satisfaction response from our clients, attest our commitment in the business. We believe the very success of any business operation depends on a great deal in having a competent and reliable manpower. We practice stringent selection criteria, we select the workforce of Local workers & foreign workers and provide them with intensive orientation as per client’s needs and requirement

Manpower category we fully supported as follows:

– Skilled workers
– Semi-Skilled workers
– Helpers /general workers
– Operators
– Electrician
– Technicians
– Welder
– Pipe Fitters
– Locksmith

– Cleaner
– Fabricator
– Competent Scaffolders
– Construction Workers
– Plantation Workers
– Cleaning Services
– Manufacturing – Skilled and Semi skilled labour
– General Services

Civil Construction
& Engineering


The development and construction of all the common permanent and temporary roads, temporary drainage system, temporary drainage culverts, permanent bridges and road crossings, cable and utilities crossings, car and bus parking bay, soil improvement works and post development works, includes earthworks, environmental protection of the site and to the surroundings, piling and foundation works, architectural works, building structural works (blast proof building), building service works, health, safety and environment design, civil works/ external works.

Scope of works include site clearance and site preparation, roadwork, road furniture, drainage works, sewerage reticulation and sewerage treatment plant (STP-NSC), water reticulation, park and ride facility, electrical infrastructure works, and soft and hard landscape works.

& Transportation
(Supply Chain Management)


ARULA Logistics is a Transportation service providing company which able to provide you either a bespoke solution for your requirements or on an integrated solution covering from point of loading to point of delivery complete with electronic proof of delivery services.
Our Team are experienced transport professionals who know how to best fit solutions for any of your transportation requirements to make it work for you.

Provide transportation services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications especially for moving and delivery service in Malaysia.

We deliver what we promise, building trust, building fans on our customers at any given moment, We believe in exceeding our clients expectations, commitment to honesty, value and professionalism. We commit a <Client- First> attitude.